This Is A Brand New Type Of Trade

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Learn A New Trade

It will be up to you to sit down, take time to absorb this information.  Take a few notes.  This is an advanced concept that is for option traders.  Just like college, you go to grow and learn skills that will help you in your future.  Think about this new concept the same way, invest the required time to learn it.  You don’t need to be a statistician or math genius to get it.  All you need is effort, a willingness to learn and the assertiveness to take action.

Learn This And  Get Smart Quick

You’ll undoubtedly find all kinds of claims online promising huge gains from very little work or knowledge.  Well, let me tell you, there is no get rich scheme.  If you ever see those claims, click the back button.  This isn’t get rich, its get smart.  What this means is that a technique that has taken me 23 years to perfect and develop will be available to you in a condensed, easy to understand PDF.

Learn From A Passive Income Specialist

Passive income is all about getting an exponential return on your time investment.  For example, my website focuses on passive income and I still have to put in time and effort into the content.  I put in time developing my trading style and I see a return on that invested time.

Trade On Your Own Terms

I’m not offering a short cut; I’m offering a jump start.  My free PDF is a jump start in learning how to use an advanced strategy to enhance your options trading.  There are no short cuts in life and this is only for those serious about learning a new trading concept .

Take Control

Being a passive income expert and educated in finance, with 29 years of experience, I have learned the hard lessons of being suckered by the financial industry.  I’ve learned that by giving back, prosperity comes back in multiples. I had developed the Inverted Credit Spread first for my own trading and soon knew I couldn’t keep it all to myself.  My goal is to increase awareness of how the industry takes advantage of us and to help educate independent investors.

Black And White Rules That Take Out The Trading Guesswork

No one can predict the direction the market will go.  Sometimes it goes up, sometimes down.  If you try to trade based on predictions, you will lose some and you will win some.  Kind of like when you play blackjack.  The Inverted Credit Spread will provide a systematic adjustment that is not about guessing or predicting.  It goes by black and white rules that don’t require an advanced analytical degree.

Now You Can Systematically Adjust Losing Iron Fly And Iron Condor Trades

One of the biggest advantages of using The Inverted Credit Spread is that you can decrease the uncertainty of the market direction when trading and stop trying to predict it.  Now you can place iron fly and iron condor trades with more confidence because if you learn about the Inverted Credit Spread most of the time you will be able to increase the amount of time you can stay in the trade.

Increase Your Knowledge Without Trial And Error

You’re here because you want to enhance your trading.  If you’re a relative novice or seasoned pro you can dive right in and, if you’re sharp, you can get it.

It is possible that the Inverted Credit Spread will significantly cut down trial and error, a ton of research, and all the wasted time that will eventually bring you this strategy anyway. Why not learn this now and take that shortcut!

Add The Knowledge Of Years of Experience With This One Concept

Experienced traders know that over the course of several years you learn to manage risk and eventually reduce your losses on your way to profits. I personally would have loved to have access to this adjustment trade years ago.  Just thinking of how much time and money I might have saved, lets me know that I have an invaluable resource here.

The trade of Versatility

The versatility of the The Inverted Credit Spread is amazing:

  • Can be used in IRAs
  • Can be used to adjust any premium selling trade

Managing Trades Is The Key To Better Trading

A good trade idea doesn’t necessarily make a good trade.  You need to know how to manage all aspects of the trade.  That’s one of the major keys to better trading!

The Inverted Credit Spread :

  • From the New Asset Class “Basis Reduction Asset Class”
  • Helps make better trades in your portfolio
  • Takes advantage of market, stock or ETF cyclicality
  • Helps trades that are independent of direction.

Trade With Confidence

I don’t trade my portfolio like I’m in Vegas and neither should you.  I am able to create premium selling trades with confidence. My confidence comes from using the Inverted Credit Spread adjustment.

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Little confidence in your decisions
  • Believe the markets are risky and unpredictable

If you have any of these sentiments, I can assure you that I had lost confidence at times throughout my journey as well.  The Inverted Credit Spread adjustment trade has given me confidence and consistency to trade better in my portfolio. The PDF will show you exactly how to make this trade with black and white rules.

Learning The Inverted Credit Spread Is Just A Click Away

If you’ve read this far, I know that you are serious about learning the Inverted Credit Spread trade and increasing control over your trades. You’re dedicated and you want to start sooner than later.  Enter your information below and download your free PDF.  Don’t miss out, it’s just a click away.


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