What are you doing to produce income?

Robert Kiyosaki has done a good job breaking it down into 4 categories.

1. Employed

This is the worse trade you can make unless its temporary: Trading your hours for dollars.

2. Self Employed

You work for yourself but the business cannot run without your presence. This means you better show up or you don’t get paid! Practicing law, practicing medicine, consulting and even becoming a referral source falls into this category.

3. Business Owner

This is better than being an employee or self employed, but if you have ever had employees you know much of your time is spent babysitting. I have run more than one business and trying to mesh different personalities can be a taxing full time job.

I would also place multilevel marketing in this category. I have been involved in a few multilevel marketing businesses and most of the time is spent rallying the troops! I remember rallies that took up one weekend a month (Like I was in the Army Reserves). Then there were physical meetings once a week and phone meetings once per week and I was actively looking for and meeting with prospects every day. I never really reached a high status level but the people who do are the ones holding these meetings. The phone meetings were on an individual basis! I only had to talk with my up-line mentor once per week, but he had to meet with all his guys individually on the phone. He also had to actively look and meet with potential prospects everyday because he had to set the standard for what he was preaching. I would not consider this a passive way to create income.

It’s safe to say that anything falling into categories 1,2, and 3 can easily be eliminated for the purpose of this web site which is to identify The Perfect Cash Flow Vehicle.

4. The investor

I would consider this applying any type of passive income strategy. This is the area of focus for this web site. I will attempt to break this category into finer details as time goes by.

For now I know an internet business looks like it has some possibilities. Investing in real estate, the stock market, silent partnerships and creating some kind of content that creates royalties are a few I can think of right now.

Please add to this list in the comments section. Here is an interesting article related to this topic http://www.goodfinancialcents.com/passive-income-ideas