LESSON #1: Intro to Robert’s Tips

Welcome to Robert’s Tips!

If you are a brand new options trader, or an advanced options trader and you want to improve your trading performance you have come to the right place.

Please watch the following  video:

Main points:

  • To understand advanced strategies you need to understand the basics.
  • Go through this course and find your trading style.
  • Trading takes a solid well thought out plan.
  • New traders need to understand the theory and mathematics behind options.
  • Learn this skill and create a lifetime of positive trading results.

Action steps:

1) White list this email address: support@thetradingcode.com (put me on your “safe list” to make sure you receive the lessons). For detailed instructions, please see:
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2) Make a folder to save all the emails you receive from me.

3) Commit to learning from each lesson.

Have a great day!