I was 14 years old when my mom came to me with a collection of stamps and coins. She gave them to me to see if I would have an interest. She also gave me something less tangible that turned out to the best one of the three items.

The stamps didn’t intrigue me at all. I think I used them as stationary.

I continued to collect coins with those blue coin collector books, you know the ones with a place holder for each penny, nickle, dime and quarter for each year they were made. Today I cant find them. I guess my interest wasn’t that high.

The non tangible item was the one I liked. It was one share of Reebok Stock trading around $20 per share. Every once and while I would check the newspaper (It was the 1980s this was how it was done) to see the price. It kept my interest as much as anything can for a teenager. A couple years later I sold that stock for 40 something.

Not much else happened in terms of thinking about money again until I was 20. At 20 my mom stepped in again with a series of cassette tapes. It was Harvey Mackay’s Swim with the Sharks. This started a process of learning from gurus that I have never stopped.

I saw an infomercial on real estate from Carlton Sheets (excellent course) and the adventure began. At this point I had never heard the term passive income so I didn’t really know my ultimate goal yet.