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Dear Trader,

Robert Modd ran a multimillion-dollar chemical and water treatment company for years. He has owned a substantial real estate portfolio and was successful in business — most people would have been satisfied with this.

Robert felt his money should be put to better and more productive use and started looking into all kinds of franchise opportunities and other businesses to invest in… but they all had one drawback – the financial investment was large but so was the investment of time… something he really didn’t have as a father of four.

Robert wanted more. He wanted to find a way to invest that would produce passive income for his future so that he could work as much or as little as he wanted and still live the lifestyle he desired. In this quest to build passive income, Robert began trading options over 23 years ago.

Why Robert’s story is different from that of every other “guru”

Unlike all of the other so-called gurus who will find ways to stretch the truth and tell you that they have never lost a dollar or made a bad trade,Robert Modd is always 100% honest about the hard road he traveled to gain success.

During his first 15 years of trading options, Robert blew up his account six times. After his final setback in 2008, he had to write a check for more than $12,000 to his broker to cover his losses.

Writing that check would give birth to eight years of successful trades.

Because no matter what struggles he faced, Robert never gave up. He knew that option investing was the key to a life of financial freedom.

After sending the check to his broker, Robert made a decision:He dedicated himself to learning everything there was to learn about trading options.

So after years of ‘hit or miss’ trading he started thinking about trading as a real business – buying and selling stocks and options as a ‘business’. He didn’t know if it could be done, but the idea intrigued him.

He knew somebody, somewhere was making a killing in the markets and was determined to find them, learn everything they know and make a killing of his own.

He was determined to run his trading as a business, not as a gambler, and that meant looking at opportunities, supply and demand, marketplace dynamics and managing his business based on solid business fundamentals: profit, loss, expenses, overhead and return on investment.

Like any business his only concern was to buy something he could sell at a profit – and with enough of a profit margin so that his expenses (although small) were covered leaving a consistent and reliable income.

From 2008-2010 he decided to reeducating himself, and since then he has developed and tested over 200 different trading models.

He dismissed almost 150 different models because he found them to be not profitable.

Of the remaining 50 trading models he developed, he spent months and months back-testing them (also known as paper trading).

Many of them couldn’t stand up to back-testing and were eliminated.

However, Robert continued to test, refine and redevelop his trading models.

This refining led to 17 models that were promising enough to forward-test (trading using his own money). Some of these were not up to Robert’s high standards and were eliminated.

Of those 17 models, eight were successful; but Robert still wasn’t satisfied.

Robert took these eight models and tore them apart; he turned them inside out and flipped them upside down, looking for any flaws in their design. Finally, after years of testing and 192 disregarded trading models, those eight models have been developed into legitimate money-making proprietary trading systems.

After 23 years of experience, years of education, and trial and error, Robert is now ready to reveal some of his most successful trading systems to date.

You can spend the next 20 + years trying to recreate his success, or you can take advantage of the shortcut Robert is offering today.

Note From Robert

Since I’ve been through the ringer over the last 23 years trading options let me tell you something…

Recent events have sent the European markets into overdrive but here’s the real question:

“What does this mean for traders?”

Well, quite simply, this is just another day in the markets.

Let me explain:

Never before have I seen this much volatility come and go in the market. Ive seen things moving in a lightening fast pace while great fortunes are made (And lost) I’ve seen boring low volatility markets where great fortunes can also be lost! (And made)

In fact, just this morning I heard about a trader in London who made over $100 million just with stock options. And who knows he may lose it all tomorrow!

Some traders trade based on that quote “The time to buy is when there’ blood in the streets” and they make and lose fortunes overnight!

Some traders thrive in a slow paced market and slowly extract consistent income.

How about a trading system that profits in ANY trading environment?

How has your personal trading done?

  • Do you find other trading techniques are to hard to learn?
  • Are you making some winning trades with some losers but your account is losing money?
  • Are you trying to pick the direction of a stock and finding it to be a 50 / 50 proposition?
  • Do you find that even if you pick the right direction your not sure when to take profits?
  • Are you having trouble knowing when to cut your losses?
  • Are you buying out of the money options and watching your positions decay into losses?
  • Are you trading without a clearly defined exit plan?
  • Are you doubling up on your position to make up for past losses?
  • Are you paying attention to liquidity?
  • Are you frozen waiting to buy back your short option positions?
  • Are you legging into and out of trades?
  • Are you failing to use neutral strategies? Are you losing confidence in your trading decisions?
  • Do you believe the competition is more knowledgeable and uses advanced analytical algorithms that you can’t compete with?
  • Do you believe the markets are risky and unpredictable?

How about a trading system that solves all these problems AND profits in ANY trading environment?

But how?

Well, as I’m sure you already know, getting rich in the markets is as simple as knowing when to buy and sell.

Problem is, working out exactly what to do from moment to moment is extremely difficult.

Which is why most professional traders (Myself included) use a trading system.

In case you don’t know, a trading system is basically a set of rules and triggers that tell you exactly when to buy and sell.

This way you take all of the stress, anxiety and fear out of trading…instead you simply wait for the light to turn green and GO!

  • Profit Without Needing To Know What Direction The underlying Stock is Headed.
  • You Don’t Need To Be An Options Trading Guru To Use This System.
  • Trading Rules Are Absolute No Guessing!
  • Watch Videos That Contain Real Trades Using Real Money In A Real Trading Account!
  • Easy To Apply 8 Simple Step By Step Rules To Apply. If You Can Fill Out A Spreadsheet You Can Follow The Rules.
  • Know Exactly What Stocks To Trade.
  • Know Exactly How Open Trades.
  • Know Exactly When To Open Trades.
  • Know Exactly How To Close Trades.
  • Know Exactly When To Close Trades.
  • The Technique Can Be Applied In Any Market Condition!
  • This System Will Work Today, It Will Work In 10 Years,  It Will Work in Perpetuity! Which Means You Can Pass This Knowledge Down To Your Kids and Your Grand Kids.
  • Know Exactly How To Manage Your Trading Money.
  • Rinse And Repeat Use The Same Process Over And Over Again To Profit.
  • Learn From Someone With Years Of Teaching Experience.
  • This System Is Proprietary And You Can Become One Of The Very Exclusive Traders To Apply It. 
  • This System Follows The Most Successful Options Principle Which Is To Sell Option Premium.
  • Manage The System In Only Minutes Per Day.
  • Risk Is Always Defined So You Can Sleep Well At Night.
  • Can Be Used As A Stand Alone System OR Can Be Used To Supplement Any Portfolio.
  • It’s Recession Proof!

And today I’m going to give you my own private trading system on a silver platter

It’s a very simple stock options trading system which I developed using the last two decades of my trading experience.

With this system I documented and achieve a 6% return on my TOTAL portfolio!

And in my brand new course the “The Trading Code on Market Cyclicality” I am going to explain step by step how to use my system to profit.

But right now you’re probably thinking “Rob I’ve never traded in my life”

That’s ok, and most people who buy my course have never traded in their lives.

But you can think of it like this:

Painting the Mona Lisa from scratch would be extraordinarily difficult.

But what if I turned it into a paint by numbers, would that be easier?

Well, this is exactly what the Trading Code on Market Cyclicality is designed to do.

It’s like turning a scientific calculator into an abacus and makes the whole thing simpler – and more profitable – than you ever could have hoped.

And in the training manual and video I’m going to show you step by simple step how to trade and get profitable in no time at all. Plus they’re loaded with tips, and techniques to get you into the black fast.

You’ll learn how to pick stocks, how to tell the good from bad, when to open and close a trade and much, much more.

(Including the “Insider tips” that you only learn when working in the industry as long as I have.)

But I’ve saved the best for last, because here’s the REAL reason why my system is so PROFITABLE

The reason why new traders have been able to make money so easily with my system is because I’ve broken the entire trading process down right in front of you with real money in a real trading account!

So the ONLY thing you need to do is follow what I did in the video and you WILL profit…and if you don’t, contact me for a full refund.

That’s right, now more going crazy trying to decipher charts…or complex analysis, or spending days in front of your computer, trying to figure the whole thing out while you lose more and more money.

Why is this system so inexpensive?

Based on what this system can do for your portfolio I know it should costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

I’m giving this trading system away for only $179.00 because after studying finance over the last 29 and trading in the market over the last 23 years I have found that the Financial Industry has created lots of clever ways to sucker us into giving them our hard earned money.

My goals is to increase awareness of how the industry takes advantage of us and do my best to help fight back.

One way to achieve this goal is by offering a trading system you can learn and apply on your own. A successful independent investor can break free from industry hype and use the financial industry to their advantage.

NOW is the Time!

One major advantage you have RIGHT NOW is that this way of trading is brand new and only available here!

When more and more traders learn about this they will apply these methods.

When this becomes mainstream the trade will become crowded and less profitable.

Your getting in on the ground floor.

It is critically important that you take advantage of this opportunity NOW because it will become saturated  and weaken the profit potential.

In order to control demand I am increasing the price after every 1,000 sales.

How much would it cost to trade for over 23 years testing over 200 trading systems back testing over 50 systems and forward testing 13 systems until you finally found a system that pays off handsomely?

This could easily be valued at $997.00.

What if you could actually supplement your income with this single system enough to quit your job? Would that be worth $500.00?

I want to make this affordable for the first 1,000 customers so I have decided to sell this system for much less than $997.00. 

I’m offering this system for $97.00 TODAY ONLY!!! Yes you read this correctly, and no your eyes are not playing tricks on you.

You can purchase this proprietary trading system for only $97.00 today.

Remember this price will increase after the first 1,000 sales.

So go ahead and hit the add to cart button below and I’ll see on the other side.

If you are not satisfied with this product for ANY reason just ask for your money back with in 60 days and I will refund your money NO Questions Asked!

So Let’s get started.


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Robert Modd

P.S. Thanks you for taking the time to learn about a new options trading system that will get your account out of the red and into the black using simple concrete rules without having to guess which way the  market is going! So make sure your account makes money trading this year and click the Add To Cart Button.

And if there’s anything you’re unsure of, or need to know, just send me an email and my customer help desk will get back to you in no time at all.

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